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  1. TracksuitMafia High Plains Drifter
    Hello! I enjoy you’re writing and was curious if Lohgun will ever make a return?
  2. Petr K. miketr
    Dear Mister
    I would like to kindly ask you if you are planning to continue with your story Diesel Kriegsmarine. It is an excellent and very enjoyable work of art. Even though the last update was published almost a year ago I hope you might continue. You yourself wrote that you will announce if there is no continuation. I am sorry if I missed the announcement.
    I thank you in advance for your answer,
    Petr K.
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    2. miketr
      @Petr K.

      Diesel Kriegsmarine is suspended for various reasons starting with it being a little too German Wank. I would like to go back to once I am finished with my 'Kaisers Paper Navies' story.

      Thank you for asking
      Aug 20, 2019 at 7:49 PM
  3. Christopher Mphekgoane Agatho
    You have done an injustice to mankind. I have stumbled upon three of your one shots, mostly crossovers. And in all of them I've been enamored. After reading I'm left wanting more. I'm left hungry and unfortunately they are one-shots. I beg you in all that is holy. Turn your one shots into books or short stories. I beg!!! *cries overly dramatic*
  4. Minnesota_Nationalist
    I wonder how many people would believe me if I said I was actually from Wisconsin
  5. Dragonic10= TacoFlipper
    are you going to update your marcus si or no and sorry if this sounds rude cause your story is nice
  6. frustrated progressive
    Just moved into my college dorm at Wooster
  7. InfernoMole weaverj
    Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinkin'
    Bob and Ike now think alike,
    With the Gen'ral in the White House,
    Who'd give the orders - Bob or Ike?
  8. Dragonic10= Drunkrobot
    Finally caught up to your Nicolas si and it's nice and I hope you could update or at least super summarize the ending so we the readers can have closure and if this sounds rude and demanding ,sorry but I dislike cliffhangers and sorry once again
  9. Gukpard
    How to fix Argentina: Give the country back to Isabel Perón (she's still alive) and ask for pardon for the coups.
    1. Gukpard
      If you don't get it, this is a joke.
      Aug 18, 2019 at 2:17 AM
  10. Dragonic10= DHWAR
    Question will you put thread marks in your screw the allies,screw the rebellion thread as that would be nice and great and awesome you have
  11. Dragonic10= DHWAR
    Can you put thread marks on your screw thing thread and nice and awesome story
  12. SultanArda Dom
    I want to ask a question. Is Ice Age after Tunguska Meteor subject of After 1900’s?
  13. Neal Caffrey AJNolte
    We need Hamilton I beg you plis continue
  14. Cheeti ETGalaxy
    Hey, I'm a hoi4 coder and I'm interested in making your timeline into a mod, I don't use this website often so it would probably better to contact me through my discord Cheeti#1652
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    2. ETGalaxy
      Really? This is awesome! Thank you so much for even considering to make a HOIIV mod out of one of my TLs. I’ll be sure to contact you ASAP.
      Aug 16, 2019 at 7:32 PM