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  1. Gukpard
    Abram alas que Gegê vai passar Olha a evolução da história Abram alas pra Gegê desfilar Na memória popular!!!
  2. Nivek Remitonov
    Waiting for an update in Black Eagles buddy
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    3. Nivek
      For me we want to learn the world more, of course you say this is like the prologue what is to come, so we want to learn more about it, even if delay the main plot a little
      Mar 26, 2019 at 10:21 PM
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    4. Remitonov
      Ah, no problem. I'll see what comes to mind. Maybe more on Alain and Celine (best boi and senpai), or a look into Russia. :3
      Mar 26, 2019 at 10:27 PM
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    5. Nivek
      Excatly(jejeje that astolfo expy) and yeah all characther are so unique.
      Mar 26, 2019 at 10:32 PM
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  3. Military tactics carlton_bach
    Can you threadmark germanwank
  4. Das Amerikan
    Congrats, Europe! You've doomed us all!
  5. Chiropteroid
    well, the Dungeon technically represents all possible D&D settings and elements at the same time, including 3rd party, like pathfinder.
  6. Chiropteroid
    I hope that they don't mind if I necro my thread if I put a new chapter in it. As for the Pathfinder question...
  7. Chiropteroid
    Especially regarding the classes for the Starks. I will see, what I can come up with. I really need to get working on ASODAD again.
  8. Chiropteroid
    Oh, wow! That's a lot of text. Understandable with this comment limit, though. Still I like your ideas.
  9. omnimercurial Chiropteroid
    Viserys might be a lot more stable here. Especially if he is Raised by Blue Dragons who are Lawful Evil with very good Community and Family dynamics.

    I generally prefer the Pathfinder Dragons to the D&D Dragons. Pathfinder has the Outer Dragons after all..... Maybe F-Aegon the Blackfyre heir gets an Outer Dragon advisor?
  10. omnimercurial Chiropteroid
    I think Robb may end up a Psionic/Warrior or Psionic/Paladin. Sansa will definately have run ins with the Fey as may Domeric Bolton. Arya will likely be a Rogue/Psionic, Bran a Druid/Psionic and Rickon might be a Psionic/Druid that Favours Fauna as opposed to Brans Flora Focus as a Greenseer.... Hell Rickon could even be a Were-Creature potentially if you take inspiration from his Canon Animalistic aspects.
  11. omnimercurial Chiropteroid
    Jon if he does go down the Bard Route may even end up worshipping Hlal/Aasterinian the Dragon Goddess of Travellers, Entertainers, Stories, Learning, Mischief etc.
  12. omnimercurial Chiropteroid
    I think Jon will be a Dragon Blooded Sorceror.
    I also think Warging is more of a Psionic Ability than a Druidic or Arcane Ability.
    Jon may be a Psionic/Sorceror or if he interacts with Mance Rayder he could get into the Bard Class perhaps.
    He is likely to Multiclass at any rate.
  13. omnimercurial Chiropteroid
    So with Dany being raised and granted magic by Bahamut, Viserys getting the same from Tiamat.... Will Jon Snow get an Emmissary from Sardior the Ruby Dragon, God of the Crystal Dragons?

    The Crystal Dragons have Psionics which lines up and meshes well with Jon being a Warg which seems more of a Psionic ability than a Druidic or Magic ability.
  14. Planet of Hats
    Taking a short mental health break. Moonlight will continue when I'm back.
  15. King of All Angles Ian the Admin
    Hey! Could you please change my name to "King of All Angles"?
  16. Kalga Mr_ Bondoc
    Oh... nice, we both have the enterprise as our avvie. XD

    Didn't realize that until now.
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  17. PrinceTanglemane The British Empire
    Hail Britannia. The oldest member
  18. linkjames24 Rufus Shinra
    Hey there. Lol I did not know you have an account here too. Reading the KKK coup thread and it is very stupid.
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  19. Leander King of the Uzbeks
    The King of the Uzbeks shoul rule from Samarqand, not Tashkent!
    Also: Have you been there?
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