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  1. Dorozhand
    "We know that it is necessary to crush the right and its head, and later to crush whoever takes up the rightist positions afterwards"
  2. DubstepGamer758 Ian the Admin
    Hey Ian, when possible, could you change my name to Tethys00 please? Thanks
  3. Turkmenbashi Ian the Admin
    Hello, could you please change my username to Bashi-Bazouk? Thank you.
  4. White Aurora Ian the Admin
    Can you please change my username to White Aurora

    Thanks in advance
  5. PachPachis
    Twitter finally found out John Wayne existed. Good to know being dead for decades won't save you from the professionally offended.
  6. Kerney
    On a floating pale blue ark, of endless forms most beautiful.
  7. ajm8888 MountainPuncher
    Thanks for the follow
  8. Danielle Ian the Admin
    Hello Ian!
    Would it be possible to change my username to Greta please?
    Thank you very much!
  9. mymatedave10 MatthewFirth
    Matt, just saw you comment on the Gorbachev victory TL, if a story has been dormant for several months, don't comment in the thread. Instead comment on the author's profile as it raises everyone's hopes and very much frowned upon. It's called necromancy and people aren't happy to see it.I'd advise deleting that comment before people start getting annyoted.
    1. MatthewFirth
      While I appreciate your concerns, the red warning thing that normally states that it's been too long since the last post to continue wasn't there.
      Feb 18, 2019 at 2:38 PM
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  10. Antony444
    New chapter of the Weaver Option is available.
  11. Kalga
    For those who are wondering what I'm up to these days, I'm mostly writing stories on QQ... make what you will of that.
  12. KidCabralista Marisa Kiridifferent
    nice title; not enough Left-SR stans out there smh.
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  13. mickeysofine DJP
    You dead, man?
    I've been following your story, btw.
    It's really well written.
    Hope your doing okay.
  14. Kalga t-dugong
    Why no profile pic here of the dugong?
  15. OurSacredWar Wendell
  16. Donald Reaver pieman97405
    How are you doing pieman? It has been a while since I have seen you on.
  17. Ricardolindo metalinvader665
    Are you from the American state of Tennesse?