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  1. Pyeknu494
    Now released from work, still trying to heal.
  2. Josie SlyDessertFox
    Hello Sly. I'm researching the death of Attila. I stumbled upon and have immensely enjoyed the streams. The point: are u a layperson/history buff or do you have degrees (for teaching or otherwise)? If so, could we chat as added resource? If not, does anyone else here? Or, if not, any sources I may dig into? Thanks in advance. Yours, Josie
  3. Wind Sage Puzzle
    So... hey. haven't done a profle post yet so don't know if breaking any etiquette.
    but anyway I have to say I loved that mystery you set up with the multi crossover hodgepodge floating city of fun and hilarity.
    the DUmbledroe is an epic champion, mixed with the knowledge of hey these be some deep waters and ALL the funs!
  4. jack_donaghy_is_the_shado
    Hail, hail Freedonia, lannnnnnnddddd of the freeeeee!!!
  5. Basileus_Komnenos Samarkand
    Is Thrown into the Frey abandoned?
  6. PhilKearny Burton K Wheeler
    I'm not aware of people saying you drool.

    [QUOTE="Burton K Wheeler, post: 18458621, member: 1909"]Welp, I look forward to lots of extremely stupid posts telling me that I am simultaneously a drooling idiot and the architect of a vast conspiracy, because Augenis' fourth "roommate" just signed up for an account.

    Augenis banned.[/QUOTE]
  7. Tamar of the Tamar tribe Drunkrobot
    Are you ever going to come back to "The Industrial Revolutionary: The Reign of Queen Victoria I the Second" ? Is the Timeline abandoned ?
  8. Georgepatton
    A Dream of Eternal Summer
  9. Anarch King of Dipsodes Zheng He
    [QUOTE]0800 Hours, 24 November 1942, Port Blair, Andaman Islands – The four surviving supply ships escorted by the light cruiser [b]Tuma[/b], the destroyers Hokaze, Mikazuki, and Yukaze...[/QUOTE]

    You told me earlier this should be [i]Tama[/i]... The typo seems to have reappeared and is propagating.
  10. Lector Ian the Admin
    Hello, could you please change my username to Lector please
  11. Divine Wind Hapsburg
    I saw you posting military uniforms a while back and wondering who made and how you got them.
    1. Hapsburg
      Which ones? Some templates I made myself, some I adapted from other templates-- and I usually indicated where I got them from in those instances.
      Feb 15, 2019 at 4:13 AM
  12. HawkAussie
    You know I completely forgot all about this. Like seriously, who uses this now.
  13. Andrew Boyd Roger Redux
    You should watch me if you want to see my Mario game ideas.
  14. Justinianus TimTurner
    The first of many followers! Soon we shall have enough followers to enact my most genius plan yet!

    Everyone must wear Flamingo costumes!
  15. Justinianus TimTurner
    There you go, best buddy! 8,000 likes!
    1. TimTurner
      do wish for me to give you a follow?
      Feb 11, 2019 at 5:28 PM
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    2. Justinianus
      Sure, best buddy!
      Feb 11, 2019 at 5:50 PM
  16. gap80
    Today I sneezed and my sister said "hi" instead of "bless you" She's not sure why she did that.
  17. Ricardolindo Emperor Constantine
    Are you an absolute monarchist or a constitutional monarchist?
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    2. Emperor Constantine
      Depends on the era. I prefer constitutional monarchies today but for my TL stuff absolute monarchist.
      Feb 12, 2019 at 9:00 AM