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    Jun 27, 2010
    Testing test testy
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    Jun 27, 2010
    Crisis in the Commonwealth
    -A Prisoner of Westminster No More-

    As the Cold War raged on against Red Europe the Commonwealth became more integrated and more centralized in Westminster.
    All Anglo political parties had alternating love/hate relationship with the union depending on whether they were in power or not.
    The Australian Labor party had been out of power for quite some time and had a growing tendency of Commonwealth-skepticism which blamed the increasing restriction of liberties on the long Conservative held Westminster.
    By the late 1960s the Coalition government was on its last legs resulting in a near loss in 1969 but was kicked out of power in 1972 under Leo Mckern.
    Mckern a prominent member of the Labor Left rose through the party due to his connections and oratory skills and intially got into parliament after being fielded when Grayndler former MP Daly defected to the DLP.
    Once in power Mckern announced that Australia would work to leave the Commonwealth and strengthen ties with America and Asia.
    Such efforts were hastened when the Lavender Affair occurred.

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Postwar Socialist Overdrive: [WIP]
    What if Menzies wasn't there to reform the United Australia Party and Chiefly didn't try to nationalize the banks?

    1945-1954: Ben Chifley (Labor) [1]
    1946 (majority) def. Eric Harrison (United Australia/National Coalition) [2], Thomas Playford IV (Liberal and County League), Jack Lang (Lang Labor)
    (majority) def. Eric Harrison (Unity/National Coalition) [3]
    (majority) def. Richard Casey (Unity/National Coalition)

    1953-1957: H.V. Evatt (Labor Minority with Communist support) [4]
    1954 (minority) def. Richard Casey (Unity/National Coalition), Max Julius (Communist)
    1956-1966: Richard Casey (Unity/National Coalition) [5]
    1957 (majority) def. H.V. Evatt (Labor), Max Julius (Communist)
    1960 (majority) def. Arthur Calwell (Labor), Max Julius (Communist)
    1963 (majority) def. Arthur Calwell (Labor)

    1966-1972: Jim Cairns (Labor) [6]
    1966 (majority) def. Harold Holt (Unity/National Coalition)
    1969 (majority) def. William McMahon (Unity/National Coalition)

    1972-1978: William McMahon (Unity/National Coalition) [7]
    1972 (majority) def. Jim Cairns (Labor)
    (majority) def. Jim Cairns (Labor)

    1978-1984: Lance Barnard (Labor) [8]
    1978 (majority) def. William McMahon (Unity/National Coalition)
    1981 (majority) def. John Howard (Unity/National Coalition)

    1984-19??: John Howard (Unity/National Coalition Minority with Reform support) [9]
    1984 (minority) def. Lance Barnard (Labor), Don Chipp (Reform)
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    Jun 27, 2010
    The Killer of Santa Claus Rises

    1945-1949: Ben Chifley (Labor)
    1946 (majority) def. Robert Menzies (United Australia/National Coalition), Thomas Playford IV (Liberal and County League), Jack Lang (Lang Labor)
    1949-1954: Robert Menzies (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1949 (majority) def. Ben Chifley (Labor)
    (majority) def. Ben Chifley (Labor)
    1954-1963: John Dedman (Labor)
    1954 (majority) def. Robert Menzies (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1957 (majority) def. Robert Menzies (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1959 (majority) def. Ben Chifley (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1963-1972: Harold Holt (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1963 (majority) def. Arthur Calwell (Labor)
    (majority) def. Arthur Calwell (Labor)
    1969 (majority) def. Gough Whitlam (Labor)

    1972-1978: Gough Whitlam (Labor)
    1972 (majority) def. Harold Holt (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1975 (majority) def. Nigel Bowen (Liberal/National Coalition)

    1978-1984: Nigel Bowen (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1978 (majority) def. Gough Whitlam (Labor)
    1981 (majority) def. Gough Whitlam (Labor)

    1984-1996: Lionel Bowen (Labor)
    1984 (majority) def. Harold Holt (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1987 (majority) def. Nigel Bowen (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1990 (majority) def. Nigel Bowen (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1993 (majority) def. Nigel Bowen (Liberal/National Coalition)

    1996-1999: Peter Costello (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1996 (majority) def. Paul Keating (Labor)
    1999-1999: Paul Keating (Labor)
    1999 (majority) def. Paul Keating (Labor)

  5. Tzaero With Y

    Jun 27, 2010
    Witchcraft and Panic:

    1969-1973: Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew (Republican)
    1973-1974: Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford (Republican)
    1974-1981: Gerald Ford/Nelson Rockefeller (Republican)
    1981-1989: George McGovern/Reubin Askew (Democrat)
    1989-1993: Bill Clinton/ (Democrat)
    1993-1997: Pat Robertson/ (Republican)
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    Jun 27, 2010
    Earlier Off The Rails:

    2004-2007: Mark Latham (Labor)
    2004 (majority) def. John Howard (Liberal/National Coalition)
    2007: Jenny Macklin (Labor)
    2007-2010: Peter Costello (Liberal/National Coalition)
    2007 (majority) def. Jenny Macklin (Labor), Bob Brown (Greens)
    2010-2013: Peter Costello (Liberal/National Coalition minority with Independent Support)
    2010 (minority) def. Kevin Rudd (Labor), Bob Brown (Greens)
    2013-Present: Julia Gillard (Labor)
    2013 (majority) def. Joe Hockey (Liberal/National Coalition), Christine Milne (Greens), Nick Xenophon (Nick Xenophon Team), Clive Palmer (Palmer United)
    2016 (majority) def. Tony Abbott (Liberal/National Coalition), Nick Xenophon (Nick Xenophon Team) Richard Di Natale (Greens), Clive Palmer (Palmer United)

  7. Tzaero With Y

    Jun 27, 2010
    A PHRESH™ President List

    1953-1957: Brien McMahon/Your Mum (Democrat) [1. The Atomic Crusader]
    1957-1965: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr./Margaret Chase Smith (Republican) [2. The Valiant Protector]
    1965-1967: Lyndon B. Johnson/Richardson Dilworth (Democrat) [3. The Forceful Operator]
    1967-1973: Richardson Dilworth/Your Mum (Democrat) [4. The Slick Successor]
    1973-1981: Mark Hatfield/Your Mum (Republican) [5. The Fresh Face]
    1981-1989: Bella Abzug/Jimmy Carter (Democrat) [6. The Ceiling Smasher]
    Jimmy Carter/Joe Biden (Democrat) [7. The Nation's Uncle]
    1993-2001: Orrin Hatch/Your Mum (Republican) [8. The Wake up Call]
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    Jun 27, 2010
    Seizing on the momentary fascination with PR, here's it implemented here.
    PoD - Joh stays out of the '97 campaign.


    1983-1991: Bob Hawke (Labor)

    1983 (majority) def. Malcolm Fraser (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1984 (majority) def. Andrew Peacock (Liberal/National Coalition)
    1987 (majority) def. John Howard (Liberal/National Coalition) [1]
    1990 (majority) def. Andrew Peacock (Liberal/National Coalition), Janine Haines (Democrats) [2]
    1991-1993: Paul Keating (Labor)
    1993-19??: Paul Keating (Labor Minority with Democrats and Independent) [3]
    1993 (minority) def. John Hewson (Liberal/National Coalition), Janine Haines (Democrats)

    [1] With Peterson staying out of the election Howard makes gains as opposed to OTL, he however still is toppled by Peacock.
    [2] The Democrats' push for the lower house works out and Haines seizes the seat of Kingston.
    With this success they also aim to force the major parties for PR voting reform.
    [3] Labor's growing unpopularity looked like it was going to completely topple them but with
    a few slip ups from the opposition they ended up in the most opportune position when a hung parliment occurred. Negotiations for support from Haines and one other independent would entail the lessening of
    cuts to the budget and the implementation of Proportional Representation.
  9. Tzaero With Y

    Jun 27, 2010
    ~I strolled up to my local bookstore looking for a good read and then I found one~


    The best-selling Frederick Forsyth novel now being made into a film.

    A devious plot is set in motion to bring the industrial republic under the control of international corporations but one mercenary stands in their way.

    Utterly obscene, an affront to our democracy.
    - Anthony Blair, New Liberal MP

    A list of heads of state from the story:

    (Worker's Majority)
    (New Liberal Majority)

    -Remember Ogaden-
  10. Tzaero With Y

    Jun 27, 2010
    Coming Soon:

    *A Presingulatarian's Guide To The Formerly Human And Post Human Star Systems*

    I liberated you from a Tertiary's collection of novelties, but now you're on your own.
    This device you're reading this message on contains a guide that should help you get antiquated with the 22nd century and the current order of things.
    If I were you i'd get some credits from pawning your memories and head for the outer systems.

    [ST] Stagnation Era
    [SE] Solar Expansion Era
    [TC] Tertiary Consolidation Era

    Wiki Block - 1

    Faux Entertainment Corporation [TC] - My poor brain, my only moneymaker.
    Stagnation Era [ST] - From the death of the old came the new polities.
    Stross' Gate [TC] - A modern wonder of the 22nd Century.
    First Generation Tertiary Intelligence [SE] - The most sinister of humanity's offspring.
    Kemp Investment Consortium [TC] - They own our star and run the system, damned TIs.
    Humanist League [TC] - Take our space back through whatever means my fleshy friends.
    The Kessler Attacks [TC] - A short freedom, but at what cost?

    Wiki Block - 2
    Seraphic Enterprises [SE]
    Nordic Cooperative Pact [ST]
    Union of Oceanic Nations [ST]
    Traditionalist Alliance [ST]
    Community of Independent States [ST]
    African Union [ST]

    First Solar War [SE]
    Cherub - Post Humans [SE]
    The Terran Holocaust [TC]
  11. Tzaero With Y

    Jun 27, 2010
    Coming Soon:

    *An Altered Wave*
    Its vaporwave but not as we know it!

    The British Empire, it's monopoly on Atomics, and their role in the First and Second Cold Wars. ~Whatever enemy we face for King and Country we shall beat them~
    The ever fragile Nazi Germany and their defeat in GWIII. ~I watched Berlin burn from a Bomber, it was not the first time the capital was up in flames~
    The USSR and their biological and technological imperatives. ~Bogdanov's vision left an intriguing legacy in his nation~
    The successors to the USA and their space race. ~They weren't content with dueling banjos and border skirmishes~
    The cornering of the global electronics market and Imperial Japan's new geopolitics. ~The army is obsolete, the most powerful force in this century is capital in the global market~