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    It's all just very REEEEEEEEEEEE, I need a moment
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    1908-1910: H.H. Asquith (Liberal majority)
    1910-1915: H.H. Asquith (Liberal minority with IPP confidence and supply)

    1910 (January): Arthur Balfour (Conservative), John Redmond (IPP), Arthur Henderson (Labour), William O'Brien (All-for-Ireland)
    1910 (December): Arthur Balfour (Conservative), John Redmond (IPP), George Nicoll Barnes (Labour), William O'Brien (All-for-Ireland)

    1915-1917: H.H. Asquith (Liberal leading National Government)
    1917-1918: John Simon (Liberal leading National Government)
    1918-1924: Austen Chamberlain (Conservative majority)

    1918: John Simon (Liberal), Arthur Henderson (Labour), Éamon de Valera (Sinn Féin), Arthur Sherwell ('Peace' Liberal)
    1922: Ramsay MacDonald (Labour), John Simon (Liberal), Arthur Ponsonby (British Peace Party), Albert Inkpin (Communist)

    1924-1927: Wilfrid Ashley (Conservative majority)
    1927-1930: Wilfrid Ashley (Conservative-Liberal coalition)

    1927: Ramsay MacDonald (Labour), Robert Hutchison (Liberal), Arthur Ponsonby (BPP), Albert Inkpin (Communist)
    1930-1930: Austen Chamberlain (Conservative-Liberal coalition)
    1930-1932: Douglas Hogg (Conservative-Liberal coalition)
    1932-1934: George Lansbury (Labour-Communist-BPP coalition)

    1932: Douglas Hogg (Conservative-Liberal Alliance), Albert Inkpin (Communist), A.A. Milne (BPP), Percy Harris (Democratic Action Group)
    1934-1935: Ernest Thurtle (Labour-Communist-BPP coalition)
    1935-1935: Ernest Thurtle (Labour-BPP minority coalition)
    1935-: Philip Cunliffe-Lister (National majority)

    1935: Ernest Thurtle (Labour), Charles Roden Buxton (DAG), A.A. Milne (BPP), Sylvia Pankhurst (Communist), J.H. Thomas ('Anti-Comintern' Labour)
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    The fact the IPP doesn't even show up in 1918 is quite concerning, did their 'pact' with SF in some seats where the Unionists could win mean that the party was effectively wiped out in all but one seat in Ulster, Waterford City, and their GB mainland seat of Liverpool Scotland?
  4. Comisario Gunnar Sträng's Chocolate Homunculus

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    I usually don't include the IPP in 1918 because they're usually pushed into complete irrelevance by SF. So, that's not it.

    I added bits last night but forgot to click 'Save Changes', so things should make a tiny bit more sense if you read on.