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Originally Posted by MatthewFirth View Post
That's catches up the Indy with the Formula, when is the next F1 update?
Unknown. Expecting no later than middle of next week.

Next up (chronologically,) is IndyCar West Allis (Milwaukee Mile,) F1 Gilles Villeneuve, and IndyCar Belle Isle (Detroit.)

Any thoughts on the proposed track edits? Here's another draft of the Hockenheim revisions. As much as I like the flow of the first one I put up here, there's that birds-eye view problem.

Other courses that could/will see layout changes:
Portland, Watkins Glen, Cleveland, Surfers Paradise

Formula One:
Any Tilke Track save Sepang - that was his masterstroke, IMHO. (I'm still looking for TTL events to butterfly his track design philosophy.)

Silverstone, (different than OTL, VERY open to suggestions.)

Interlagos (different than current proposed changes IOTL.)

Estimated length of track below: Appx 5km.
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Originally Posted by Derekc2 View Post
"headdesk" OTL really is at times more ASB than the dumbest timeline.
The Man from Sao Paulo - Senna to Williams in 1992
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