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Ladies and gentlemen, it is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that I commemorate the milestone of That Wacky Redhead reaching 400,000 views! It is only the tenth timeline on the After 1900 Forum to reach that auspicious threshold. I wish to extend my eternal gratitude to each and every one of my viewers over this past year, six months, seven days, and fifteen hours, whether you only clicked on my thread once, never to return, or whether you've become a regular, and read every new update more than once. That goes double for anyone who posted a comment. I can't speak for any of my fellow authors, but I for one always love to see someone reacting to what I post - whether it be compliments, analysis, predictions, digressions, or even criticisms. But most of all, I want to thank you all for vindicating the shot in the dark I made, that dreary November day when I decided (having given up the ghost on my NaNoWriMo project yet again) to make some amends for past transgressions and feed one particularly stubborn plot bunny. It's given me more confidence in my writing, and reassurance that hey, I'm not the only one who has such... peculiar interests. And it's given me the opportunity to form some pretty great friendships. I don't want to single anyone out (I'm saving that for the very end), but I'm pretty sure most of you know who you are.

So! With all that said, progress continues apace on the next update, which will be ready for your consumption by the end of this month. It's actually quite tightly integrated with the update that immediately follows it, so expect that one in pretty short order thereafter. The next one after that is a trifle which I can probably knock out in a few days, and then we'll all bear witness to the Trial of the Century... but first, as always, for my responses to your latest replies.

Originally Posted by NCW8 View Post
Never under-estimate the demand for cheap cartoons.
How very true. The 1970s were something of a heyday for the very pioneers of limited animation (Hanna-Barbera), after all. And all the good animation studios (Warner Bros., UPA, MGM, and the rest) had all closed or were moribund, with the exception of Disney, which still atrophied a great deal through the Me Decade.

Originally Posted by NCW8
Anyway, I thought that you'd appreciate ... And Mother Makes Five as it featured Patricia Routledge in a supporting role.
Ah, but does she play a character anything like Mrs B, I wonder? I know she's had an incredibly varied and successful career, but still.

Originally Posted by LordInsane View Post
Indeed so. And I suppose that SVT felt that they could always produce their own family sitcom if they wanted to, whereas war sitcoms had the issue that, well, as you say Sweden hadn't been at war for a long time!
Now that would be funny, actually, a sitcom set during the Napoleonic Wars. It would need a Swiss character, of course, so that he and the Swedish lead could commiserate over how warlike they both are And have the lead be torn over his longtime Finnish love interest and a Norwegian woman who suddenly enters his life...

Originally Posted by THE OBSERVER View Post
How much longer until we find out the verdict of "The Trial of the Century"?
Any attempt to answer your question directly would result in spoilers. Therefore, I have no comment

Originally Posted by CaptainCrowbar View Post
We haven't even heard what the trial was about or who was trying who yet, have we? If we did I missed it.
Originally Posted by stevep View Post

Oh its some minor thing in the US. Something to do with licencing rights for a fringe film with a bit of cult following, or something along those lines. Some bod by the name of Mucus or something like that is involved. At least unless I've totally misreading what Brainbin has been saying.

Originally Posted by Maltaran View Post
George Lucas is suing Paramount over Hollywood accounting (since they kept the merchandising rights TTL, so he had to settle for a percentage of the profits, and Paramount says there are none).
To answer your question, CaptainCrowbar, it's mostly what Steve and Maltaran said. Though both of them made a rather glaring omission in that George and Marcia Lucas are suing Paramount (you can read the details are here and here). Remember, this isn't OTL, and we aren't going to suddenly pretend she never existed

Originally Posted by NCW8 View Post
It's a shame that the case isn't being brought against Twentieth Century Fox, then it would really deserve that title.
20th Century Fox is actually in a pretty bad way ITTL. I've robbed them of two major OTL hits (M*A*S*H in 1970, and then of course Star Wars in 1977), making it much harder for them to recover from their late-1960s doldrums (which they only survived because they were coasting from The Sound of Music). In fact, since MGM is better off ITTL, I'd probably describe Fox as the weak link of the seven major studios through the 1970s. Of course, as IOTL, such weakness could result in a buyout by an enterprising mogul...
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