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M (1993):
German movie by Michael Verhoeven about the attacks of the terrorist group "Black September" against the Israelis in the Olympic village in Munich

Modern Times (1994):
A webmovie about the hackers overthrowing the Technocratic world government and taking the power for themselves.

Alien (1976):
Long (4 hours!) movie by Stanley Kubrick about Louis-Philippe, a French prisoner lost among the other (mostly Spanish) prisoners in the penal colony of Brazil, and his later rise to the first king of it.

All About Eve (1996):
Critical movie about Argentine dictatress Evita Peron and her scandalous earlier life, by disputed filmmaker Miguel Moro.

Some Like It Hot (1959):
WW2 movie about the German occupation troops of Texas, fleeing through the desert to secure Kalifornien.
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