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Originally Posted by Tocomocho View Post
I don't know if the original map is yours or not but it's kid of odd to see "Madrid" appearing in both of them. At this point of history the city does not even exist and given the current set of events it's unlikely to ever be born.

About the TL I can't really comment until I give it a proper read.
I'm aware of the Madrid situation. The maps are made by using NASA whirlwind mapping program and Demis plugin, layered over with satellite photography the UCS and filters in Photoshop. The city names are a consequence of the Demis so it shouldn't be there. If it's distracting I'll try to remove those names in the future. That's part of the reason I started marking cities on the maps and since I couldn't find a blank map that I liked at all.... made my own. Hope you do find time to read comment.

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