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Thrones, Chapter II

Originally Posted by Julius Vogel View Post
Torrid prose isn't always a bad thing. Might I also suggest you break into song?
Well you can suggest it. BTW, suggestions for what people want to know about? I know the butterflies are still relatively small but I can't improve without comments. Anyhow....

The news of ar-Rahman’s ascension shot through the peninsula like lightning. For most of the people of al-Andalus who had been aware of his presence, they did not know what to think. But the governor of al-Andalus did and so did the Caliph in Baghdad. Even as al-Fihri began to gather his army to march north, the Caliph began to do the same, intending to finish the Umayyad legacy and bring the fractious al-Andalus under control, declaiming that the Umayyad’s very name was an afront to God. As the new governor of Africa he named Karim ibn Ubayd al-Misri, a protégé of the governor of the Egypt. With the governorate was included al-Andalus, and a force of almost 30,000 men accompanied by ships were gathered and set out on a slow march west from Alexandria in the fall of 761.

Meanwhile in al-Andalus news of al-Fihri forces arrived in Canagas de Onis where Avidos was already planning on how to extinguish the threat. He’d suspected this would happen and had made several preparations before hand including giving certain orders to the Berber agents Alfonso had co-opted and sending a delegation to the ruler of Zaragoza, one Musa ibn Fortun an ethnically Basque noble whose ancestors had converted and ended up being named governor after the last uprising. Obligingly they revolted again taking all the land up to the Pyrenees with them including several retreating Islamic groups there, and making the pacification of Septimania by the Franks proceed more swiftly.

With his eastern flank secure, Avidos marched south with as many men as he could gather in haste, some 900, with more en-route. He had asked for and gotten a full mobilization and sanctioned by the church. However the work his agents had done proved well and the Berbers, Islamic though they were once again rose in revolt across the north to support him. Denied the richer lands in the center of the country and shoved onto the frontiers or the mountainous regions they were eager to get back at the Arabs he ruled over them having last been crushed in the 740s. Constituting a large proportion of the Muslim population around Toledo, they joined his army swelling its ranks.

With such a mixed army, Avidos was able to prevent the whole-sale destruction of Muslim property by any vengeful knights for at the time Avidos went south the proportion of Muslims and Christians in the country was close and he would antagonize neither group for the other. As a consequence both were antagonized but was able to keep their ire directed at Cordoba until they arrived at Toledo with a force of almost 2500. Garrisoned largely by Berbers with a sprinkling of Qaysite Arabs the fortress in a stroke of luck capitulated, it’s masters brutally killed by their army and the gates opened to him in 761.

Avidos was master of Toledo and it was to Toledo that the news came that al-Fihri was approaching with almost 6,000 men.

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