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TL for those who want to skip my Torrid Prose

Note, the events were moved to about 3 years earlier in TTL but otherwise most of them are simliar to OTL events.

731: Abd ar-Rahman born, POD his Christian mother has more influence on him (leading him to generally have more favorable relations with Christians)
751: ar-Rahman captured by N. African Berbers for ransom (in OTL he fought them off and it happened in 755, he's captured because he's younger and less experienced)
752: ar-Rahman reaches Al-Andalus and is recieved at Malaga, al-Fihri crushes a Zaragoza uprising, ar-Rahman he sets out for Seville and is captured near Carmona by al-Fihri and taken to Cordoba

(in OTL this happened in 755 but the uprising lasted long enough to allow ar-Rahman a much freer hand in Seville)

753: After being humiliated by al-Fighri in Cordoba, ar-Rahman attempts to rally support in Al-Andalus and fails, fleeing with his small retinue he is captured by Alfonso I's soldiers and begins a career in his service including diplomacy with the Basque regions
757: Alfonso I dies and his son becomes king (as in OTL)
758: Fruela kills his brother (as in OTL though it happens sooner cuz ar-Rahman's popularity and friendship with him make Fruela more paranoid), ar-Rahman converts and is proclaimed king by the rebels and the Basques. After securing the support of the person who in OTL did take the throne, he defeats Fruela and is installed as King

(Fruela defeated a Basque uprising in OTL but now because of ar-Rahman's reputation the rebels can rally behind someone, Aurelius did not seem the ambitious type but took the kingship when offered, in this TL he never had to)

So far the story was created because I needed to figure out a way to convert ar-Rahman. Perhaps it verges some on ASB, but hopefully it's at least a little plausibe. Then again as someone who writes fiction I tend toward dramatics.
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