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Some info I have found

TARTESSOS A native Iberian city and Kingdom, once controlling much of southern Spain, The location of the city is not known exactly; the best estimates place it in or near the La Marismas wetlands, close to the modern estuary of the Guadalquivir River, by the southern coast of Iberia and facing the Atlantic. Established prior to 800 BCE, the place was an important source of copper and silver to the ancient world, and was a well-known, if very distant, port-of-call to many peoples: Biblical notes regarding the city of Tarshish are probably refering to this place.

Celto-Iberian migrations into the region from before 1300 BCE.
Turdetanian tribal district from c. 1000-800
Norax (the one who colonized Corsica)
Habis or Habidis
Arganthonis....................................c. 620-early 6th cent.
To Carthage....................................c. 510-206
To Rome, etc...
Tartessos fades from view during Carthaginian times. It seems to have been damaged or destroyed when the Carthaginians assumed control of the region, but a more important reason for it's disappearance was probably the gradual silting of the Guadalquivir estuary with attendent shifting of the riverbed, creating a malarial wetlands where the river had once flowed.

"Festos Disc" found in Crete and dated probably in 1500 BC may contain tartessian signs/letters.

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Other sources:

Not many in english sorry
Por el Honor, la Vida.
Por el Alma, las dos.
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