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20. 7. 1993, 20:43:07 (Central European summer time): Start of World War Three. No politician, or rather, technocrat, ever officially declared war, but the mobilization in Germany and China started, and after it had begun, the military wouldn't stop their nanoswarms, fearing that they wouldn't be ready anymore if the other side decided to strike first.

20. 7. 1993, 23:51:86 (yes, ITTL the minute has 100 seconds, deal with it): World War Three is over. It didn't really take long, but the world will never be again as it was before.

What? That's it! The TL is over! What do you expect? Move along, nothing to see here.

Don't stop reading yet, folks! You want to read the epilogue? Here are the thoughts of some people while the war happened...
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